English Language Program

The District offers opportunities to assist resident English Language Learners to achieve English proficiency and effective communication in English, encourage their full participation in school activities and programs, and promote participation by their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are provided information about the reasons for their child's identification as an English Language Learner, their child's level of English proficiency, the method of instruction used, how the program will meet their child's needs, specific exit requirements of the program, how the program will meet their child's Individualized Education Plan, if applicable, and information on parent/guardian rights. Parents/guardians also are regularly apprised of their child's progress through quarterly parent coffees.

Requirements for EL Program (English Language Program)

The parents of every new student registering in District 148 complete a Home Language Survey at registration. After the HLS is reviewed, if there is a language other than English spoken in the home, the student is screened within thirty days of enrollment. One of the following tests is then administered: WIDA Screener (grades 1-8), Model (kindergarten), or Pre-IPT (pre-k). Those that score below a 4.8 Composite on the screener, are eligible for English Language Services. Parents are notified of the test results. The student is then entered into the EL Program, unless the parent refuses services.

District 148 has a TPI program (Transitional Program of Instruction) and a TBE (Transitional Bilingual Education) program. The TBE program is at Lincoln Elementary School.